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Cannot recommend highly enough! I came in with a malfunctioning laptop 2 days before an exam and asked if there was anything they could do. The staff were lovely and were immediately able to tell me that this problem was common with the model I had as it was faulty, and instead of charging me however much to try and fix it, he told me how to contact the company and get a new one for free. I then had the problem of trying to find a laptop for my exams, and he offered me a free loan of a MacBook Air for my entire exam season! He patiently showed me how to use it (as I had never used an Apple product before) and downloaded everything I needed on it for my exams. He was so lovely, very knowledable and so generous, he’s saved me during exam season and I am so grateful! I’ll definitely come here if I ever have any issues again, and there’s a student discount!





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