1. New MavBook Pro Repairs Cardiff NiwTech

    MacBook Pro Repairs

    We don’t just repair the fault that you mention. NiwTech provides a complete diagnosis of your MacBook Pro to ensure that once your Apple MacBook Pro is repaired by one of our Apple Mac Specialists here At NiwTech, your MacBook Pro is working as good as new. This means we look for faults with your Apple MacBook Pro that you may not even know about, but could cause you a return visit in the future.

  2. New Apple MacBook Air 2020 Repairs Cardiff NiwTech

    MacBook Air Repairs

    The MacBook Air often get dropped, smashed, sat on, closed while something between the screen and the upper case which can result in the MacBook Air Screen, display cracking, Flickering, Dead pixels, Vertical or horizontal lines, backlight failing, or times screens can just go faulty or malfunction.

  3. New iMac Repais Cardiff NiwTech 2021

    iMacs Repairs

    At NiwTech, we have over 20 years repairing and upgrading all iMac Models, and we are certainly not shy to the complexities of an iMac. Keep reading for some common iMac issues and more detailed descriptions. We are confident that at NiwTech, we have seen every iMac issue you could think of, and we can have it fixed for you in 24 working hours so that you don’t have to stress.

Specialism is Apple hardware

We are industry experts Apple Mac Repairs and support and we perform a complete, gold-standard diagnosis of your Apple Mac within 24 working hours, but most commonly in as little as 4 hours. Our NiwTech engineers pride themselves in being able to accurately and precisely find the root cause of the problem and they have done this through years of excellent workmanship.