Mail-in Repairs

Mail your Device to NiwTech

Please send your Device to

29 Crwys Rd, Cardiff, CF24 4NB | 029 2132 1095

NiwTech Mail-In

NiwTech Wales offer premium, Wales mail-in Apple Mac repairs, PC Repairs and Data Recovery Service. If we have your parts in stock, many times we can return your device within 24-hours after its arrival at our Repair Centre. NiwTech Wales offers complimentary return shipping and a 12-month warranty on all repairs. Our Mail-in service is convenient, reliable, fast and affordable.

NiwTech Mail-in services include:

  • Free Full Diagnostics
  • Complimentary consult and estimate
  • Full-service testing and cleaning of your device
  • Complimentary return shipping

How can i send my device for a repair at NiwTech?

STEP 1. Contact NiwTech Support Specialist by Email or Call us at 0 29 2132 1095

STEP 2. Please fill out Mail-in form and you will receive confirmation email.

STEP 3. Get your Device ready for service

STEP 4. Send Your Device To NiwTech

Before you send your device to NiwTech

Follow these steps before you send your device in for repair or replacement. If it won’t turn on or respond, finish as many steps as possible:

STEP 1. Back up your device if its turn on, if not don’t worry.

STEP 2. Pack your device

When you’re ready to pack your device, follow these steps:

  1. Check for physical damage. Physical damage (such as a cracked screen).
  2. There’s no need to send us your keyboard, mouse or power cable.
  3. Please ensure the device is packaged securely prior to shipping.

    NiwTech recommends wrapping your device on all sides including the top and bottom with at least 2” (5cm) of air-cellular cushioning material such as Bubble Wrap® when shipping your device.

    Place the wrapped item inside a sturdy outer box. Any accessories should also be wrapped in appropriate amounts of cushioning. Accessories should be placed in spaces alongside the device. Do NOT place any accessories on top of or underneath the device. Any spaces should be filled with soft material to ensure the device and any accessories cannot move inside the outer box.

    Close and seal the top and bottom of the outer box with at least three strips of tape that is at least 2” (5cm) wide. Tape all seams and flaps.

STEP 3. Ship your Device 

NiwTech recommends the use of a trackable shipping service such as royal mail. Please ensure the device is packaged securely.

Ship the device to our repair Store at


29 Crwys Rd


CF24 4NB

Our Tech Support Specialist will call you upon acceptance of the package and we will carry out the repair process and ship the device back to you.